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Breath. Light. Time. Space.
Years ago, four kids lived in a state of peace. But on April 13th, 2009, a universe creating game was put into motion. Only these players that risked their life and limb could tilt the scale of fate, however, anarchist Jack Noir corrupted the chances of success.
It’s been a long time coming and we’ve come across awesome heroes, many strong in their own right. Albeit these noble advocates have unparalleled powers, their worst foe is awakening in the throes of darkness. But somehow, they will be the saviors of the waking world.

If you’re gonna get rid of the captions, at least have the decency to leave the italicized up stuff I typed up! It comes with the bundle.

Big versions of the animations are available if you click the respective titles in the quote. AND, OKAY I’LL ADMIT: it took at least 2-3 days to complete a single one of these but I’m just lazyass so I didn’t really bother, haha„ha… Big thanks to my brother who doesn’t like Homestuck but still puts up with me- hell, he helped me with Jades animation! Rock on! 
Welp, I guess now I gotta work on the boring stuff but I’ll spare the details unless I come up with something cool??
So I hope you enjoy these dorky little animations and thank you peeps for sticking around; you’ve all been such an amazing crowd ಥ⌣ಥ

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On this date, September 13, in Homestuck

2009: John tried out his new POGOHAMMER.

I’m sure Rose or Dave would’ve figured out the whole punchcard combining thing on their own eventually anyway, but it’s funnier to think that the kids owe their continued ability to survive Sburb completely to John having read “Harry Anderson ‘Wise Guy’” by Mike Caveney.

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EB:  hey rose?EB:  did you knowEB:  karkat saidEB:  we were gonna getEB:  …marriedEB:  ha..hahaEB:  can you imagine?TT:  …john..TT:  john stop talkingTT:  it isTT:  too much for you right nowEB:  ha..ha..ohEB:  with all the commotionEB:  i forgotEB:  my birthday is todayTT:  …TT:  it isTT:  john, happy birthdayTT:  …TT:  john?TT:  john…john..TT:  this is no time to be joking aroundTT:  tell meTT:  this is one of your pranksTT:  tell meTT:  please..TT:  please, john— ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] —TT:  ..johnTT:  I promiseTT:  your birthday will be better than thisTT:  I promiseTT:  to give youTT:  a happy birthday

Hey Amanda this on my dash again.Remember when……….. :’(



EB:  hey rose?
EB:  did you know
EB:  karkat said
EB:  we were gonna get
EB:  …married
EB:  ha..haha
EB:  can you imagine?
TT:  …john..
TT:  john stop talking
TT:  it is
TT:  too much for you right now
EB:  ha..ha..oh
EB:  with all the commotion
EB:  i forgot
EB:  my birthday is today
TT:  …
TT:  it is
TT:  john, happy birthday
TT:  …
TT:  john?
TT:  john…john..
TT:  this is no time to be joking around
TT:  tell me
TT:  this is one of your pranks
TT:  tell me
TT:  please..
TT:  please, john

— ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] —

TT:  ..john
TT:  I promise
TT:  your birthday will be better than this
TT:  I promise
TT:  to give you
TT:  a happy birthday

Hey Amanda this on my dash again.

Remember when……….. :’(

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its my headcanon and i’ll scream and cry if i want to




don’t you look at me like that i already feel duMB FOR UPLOADING THIS

i hope you can read my messy writing  

oh.  Wow this is long, I’m sorry about that, but it’s also really kind of adorable.  I kind of like really short John, I will admit.

oh my god shortjohn is bestjohn

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